Rosters of Skaters

There'll be updates to come,with byes integrated and so forth.

Junior Ladies Free Skating

North Atlantic Qualifiers:
1st--Kristen Treni,Jamestown SC
2nd--Kelly Ryan,Hudson-Mohawk FSC
3rd--Keri Simoson,SC of New York
4th--Kimberly Wailand,SC of Western New York

New England Qualifiers:
1st--Erin Pearl,SC of Maine
2nd--Morgan Rowe,Yarmouth IC
3rd--Molly Ziolkowski,Colonial FSC
4th--Liesl Finn,SC of Boston

South Atlantic Qualifiers: 1st--Laura Lynn Handy,Univ. of Delaware FSC
2nd--Yvette Tong,SC of Northern Virginia
3rd--Kendra Kent,Charlotte FSC
4th--Melissa Desiderio,Univ. of Delaware FSC

North Atlantic Alternates:
Stephanie Roth,SC of New York
Jessica Vieth,Amherst SC

New England Alternates:
Angela Kung,Hayden Recreation Center FSC
Christine Kong,Charter Oak FSC

South Atlantic Alternates:
Kristina Melton,Washington FSC
McKenzie Savidge,Univ. of Delaware FSC

Junior Ladies Figures

South Atlantic Qualifiers:
1st--Erika Grigg,SC of Sunrise
2nd--Emily Best,Charlotte FSC
3rd--Tracey Tyson,Univ. of Delaware FSC
4th--Shannon Edens,Tampa Bay SC

North Atlantic Qualifiers:
1st--Jessica Vieth,Amherst SC
2nd--Wendy Mangum,Garden State SC
3rd--Karen Drummond,SC of Western New York
4th--Karen Melville,Genesee FSC

[not competed at New Englands]

South Atlantic Alternates:
Amanda Adams,Univ. of Delaware FSC
Mindy Rosen,SC of Mount Lebanon

North Atlantic Alternates:
Tracy Dedrick,SC of New Hartford
Keri Simoson,SC of New York

Junior Men Free Skating

New England Qualifiers:
Joshua Figurido,SC of Boston
Curt Doten,Colonial FSC
Garrett Lucash,SC of Boston
Chad Sabora,Charter Oak FSC

South Atlantic Qualifiers:
1st--Michael Edgren,Tampa Bay SC
2nd--Dwayne Parker,The Gardens FSC of Maryland
3rd--Bert G. Cording,Tampa Bay SC
4th--Dan Kuhn,Univ. of Delaware FSC

New England Bye:
Andrew Eckard,Colonial FSC

South Atlantic Alternate:
Jason Wahl,Wissahickon SC

[Not competed at North Atlantics]

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