Rosters of Skaters

There'll be updates to come,with byes integrated and so forth.

Senior Ladies Free Skating

Defending champion Brittney McConn,Atlanta FSC,is exempt from qualifying under CR 35.052.

New England Qualifiers:
1st--Karen Kwan,Boston University
(1996:Pacific Coast Champion,5th at U.S. Championships)
2nd--Kathaleen Kelly Cutone,Colonial FSC
(1996:4th at Easterns,12th at US Champuionships)
(1995:2nd at Easterns,11th at U.S. Championships) 3rd--Jessica Mills,Charter Oak FSC
(11th at 1996 U.S. Championships,8th in 1995 and 1994)
4th--Alicia Cavanaugh,Charter Oak FSC

North Atlantic Qualifiers:
1st--Alizah Allen,SC of New York
(1996:2nd at Easterns,14th at U.S. Championships)
2nd--Diana Miro,SC of New York
(1996:2nd in Junior at U.S. Championships)
3rd--Sue Lee,SC of New York
4th--Valerie Moskwa,Hickory Hill FSC

South Atlantic Qualifiers:
1st--Diane Chen,Washington FSC
2nd--Angela Meadows,Univ. of Delaware FSC
3rd--Ouida Robins,Univ. of Delaware FSC
4th--Jacki Davison,Univ. of Delaware FSC

New England Alternates:
Amy D'Entremont,Colonial FSC
Patricia Mansfield,Colonial FSC

North Atlantic Alternates:
Erin Durner,Jamestown SC
Cathlin Rozman,SC of Morris NJ

South Atlantic Alternates:
Po Hayes,Atlanta FSC
Terri Steiner,Atlanta FSC

Senior Ladies Figures:

Defending champion Jennifer Blount,SC of Boston,is exempt from qualifying under CR 35.052.

South Atlantic Qualifiers: 1st--McKenzie Savidge,Univ. of Delaware FSC
(1996 and 1995,2nd at Easterns;1996,tied 2nd at U.S. Championships)
2nd--Heather Higgins,Philadelphia SC & HS
3rd--Megan Raymond,Florida Suncoast FSC
4th--Michelle Martine,Beaver County FSC

North Atlantic Qualifiers:
1st--Elizabeth Handley,Jamestown SC
2nd--Trina Robinson,SC of New Hartford
3rd--Melody Oakes,SC of New York

[Not competed at New Englands]

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