The Ozzy Digest,1995-2000

From late 1995 until autumn 2000,The Ozzy Digest was an email group where Oz fans could discuss all things Ozzy.Then the manager decided it was too much work and let an egroup take over.(Later Yahoo! Group).Here is the Digest,as it was.


December 1995*The start of the archive*


January 1996*oz* February 1996*oz* March 1996*oz* April 1996*oz* May 1996*oz* June 1996*oz* July 1996*oz* August 1996*oz* September 1996*oz* October 1996*oz* November 1996*oz* December 1996*oz*


January 1997*oz* February 1997*oz* March 1997*oz* April 1997*oz* May 1997*oz* June 1997*oz* July 1997*oz* August 1997*oz* September 1997*oz* October 1997*oz* November 1997*oz* December 1997*oz*


January 1998*oz* February 1998*oz* March 1998*oz* April 1998*oz* May 1998*oz* June 1998*oz* July 1998*oz* August 1998*oz* September 1998*oz* October 1998*oz* November 1998*oz* December 1998*oz*


January 1999*oz* February 1999*oz* March 1999*oz* April 1999*oz* May 1999*oz* June 1999*oz* July 1999*oz* August 1-22,1999*oz* (The rest of) August 1999*oz* September 1999*oz* October 1999*oz* November 1999*oz* December 1999*oz*


January 2000*oz* February 2000*oz* March 2000*oz* April 2000*oz* May 2000*oz* June 2000*oz* July 2000*oz* August 2000*and so it ended.
This is a mirror of the text maintained by Tyler Jones, with the addition of the August 1-22 1999 Digest.