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ShowbizData Exhibitor Relations Dailies Now a paysite!
Usually available afternoons and evenings, the ERC overnights for the previous day only. Some news headlines and review summaries also.

ERC dailies
Unlike SBD's estimates,the actuals (available later)

Run by a former ERC president,now the archive site for's Boxoffice page.

Nielsen Entertainment Data
The other main professional gathering source.Java-dependent site

Chuck Kahn's All-time database
Name your range of years,domestic or overseas...this is searchable though there are holes in it.

Craig's Flick Picks
A site with more archives.

Box Office Guru
Top-20 with lots of commentary and some archive files.By Gitesh Pandya.'s Box Office Jedi Mojo
Founded by archiver-predictor Brandon Gray.

MovieWeb Top 25s
Another weekend register,part of a larger site.

The Movie Times
More data,more archives,more links.

Box Office Report
A predictor-reporter named Daniel who now works for

Lee's Movie Info
Linked to immediately above,one of those that run prediction contests.

Corona's Coming Attractions
A source for facts and guesses about future films.Now relocated via the Cinescape site to

Retired Links

Not necessarily dead,but not producing current data.

Price Waterhouse Scorecard
The URL appears a casualty of the 7/1998 Price Waterhouse/ Coopers & Lybrand merger,we're not sure yet about the data
Only available Tuesday-Saturday,the complete Reuters/Variety top 60 films for the previous weekend,with totals to date and comparison to previous.Here's some July and August 1998 weekends...and here's current bare bones.

Washington Post All-time LeadersWent stale,2006
Every film that has grossed $100 million or more in the USA/Canada,updated weekly(some stuff slips by).

The Mr. Showbiz Inflation-Adjusted List
Reissues may be added late,but this tries to even out the effect of changing ticket prices (GWTW is still #1).Site not working now

Inflation-Adjusted Comparisons
Maintained locally

Wu's History of leaders
The top 10s for 1997-Nov 1999 with some comments.

Rob's Box Office Page
Another archiver-predictor.Plenty of links but slow to update. As in,looks like never.

Box Office Karma
This site compared how the various predictors do!

This is just one Web project here.