Links about Liners and Shipping

Cunarders & White Stars

Cunard Fleet Archive
Cunard keeps moving things around...this URL works only under some conditions
From Cunard's own website,a searchable(note that in the chronological search,you will only get ships that either entered or left service in the period you select) database of information on every ship they've ever had.

The Cunard archives at Liverpool University
temporarily offline early July 1998
May return at this site,but first they said October/November 1998, then Spring 1999,now nothing

Where the raw material for the above came from,though data on many early ships was unfortunately entered by a clueless college student who included only metric dimensions that were never used when the ships were built...includes numerous White Star Line ships. No search engine,but it has more information than the Cunard site has room for for some ships.

Other Liners of the World

German Big Three
page is another casualty of relocations
The three liners that broke the records for size Titanic set as they were launched before World War I...the Imperator,Vaterland,and Bismarck, handed over to Allies after the war to become Berengaria,Leviathan,and Majestic(the Berengaria and Majestic are covered above in their British incarnations).

Harry Dontje's Normandie Page
Under construction,a page all about the sleek French liner of the 1930s remembered as among the most beautiful and well-engineered.

Aravantis/Naronic liners(UC)
Under construction,may it be completed...missing again... a page on the history of all liners by "James from Greater Cleveland",aka Aravantis and Naronic13.
RMS Lusitania
His latest effort,also needing work,and of more modest scope.

The Powerscourt liners page
Temporarily offline
Many lines are covered including all mentioned above. And the page maintainer has superliner dreams of his own.

Kevin Tam's "Ships of State" liners page
Another comprehensive page....details(lots) on only a few prominent ships,but many links!

Great Ocean Liners
A new link with pages on many liners historic and unbuilt

Rob Betz's Lost Liners
A new link here...has pages on many liners no longer afloat.

Marine Engineering History
A variety of ships and technologies and also bios of all the Titanic's engineers,by Dr. Denis Griffiths of Liverpool.

Cimorelli Ship Menu
Focussed on tracking immigrants,but it has a great deal of data on ships' for a liner's schedule.

Alfano's Immigrant Ships
Another site with links about a lot of ships.

General Shipping Links

Robert Jeffrey's Ships and Shipping Home Page
page is gone
Lots of categorized links.

page is gone
Aage Skjolingstad's business-oriented site.

Kohnen's Links
"The Mother of All Maritime Links",he says.

A British publishing firm with searchable databases on ships and ports.

Seaview Funnel Vision
A British source of passenger shipping news.

Kevin Griffin's transatlantic schedule
page is gone
A travel agent's rundown of all current options for crossing the Atlantic by ship.

Lloyd's Register of Shipping
This preeminent shipping reference is not on the Web,but its publishers are. Lloyd's List's publishers may have gone offline.

Schednet News
URL updated
A daily (mainly freight-oriented,and not all maritime) shipping newsletter,with a searchable archive.Tends to emphasize Asia.

Maritime Global Net
Bare-bones port database and more.

A new database. Maritime Education Resources and Marine And Intermodal Directory. Many links in many categories.

Archive from Lars Bruzelius
Some liners,mostly other ships

A Timeline of the World's Largest Passenger Ships
A historical overview from HMY Yachts.

Safety Links

The International Maritime Organization
The leading regulatory body that sets the theoretical rules for ships' safety...

The Wisdom of Captain Woinin
Offline again
An outspoken Belgian freighter captain looks at how these rules work,and don't work,in practice.

The International Association of Classification Societies
Trade organization for the authorities that classify ships.

Museum Links

Smith's list
Poutre's list
Two good lists that don't link to each other.

Peter Warwick's list
A more general site,but much on maritime history

Contemporary Passenger Ships

Travelpage Ships
Travelpage's Mark Goldberg and associates rate contemporary ships, most of them of course never liners...and now they take public reviews also.Here are their raw star ratings as of May '98, but for the details of why and for updates,visit their page.
They also have a newsletter and new ship list(link dead).

Bolack Profiles
Puffery here,they want to sell cruises rather than being critics, and not as many lines as Travelpage(not even Cunard!),but the "Ship Information" links include data Travelpage doesn't have....or did.

CruiseOpinion, CruiseShipCenter,and Sealetter offer more of the same.

Ships and Cruises
is a site that offers many selections but is sometimes offline because of exceeding bandwidth requirements.

The Mercury
An unusually detailed guide to one new Celebrity ship,down to the wiring.
(page missing early 1999)

CIG New Ships
A catalogue of the yet-to-be- or recently-delivered.(Not updated)

Wheelhouse-Fiebig New Ships
A rival catalogue,strictly those on order.(Discontinued?)

Naval Architects

Gibbs & Cox
Designers of the SS United States.

George G. Sharp Inc.
Another pioneering firm.

The Royal Institute of Naval Architects
The British professional organization.

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