The Great Dead Pool List Page

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This does not include death registers(You're Outta Here,Political Graveyard,Dead People Server,etc) or single-prediction sites (e.g. of these link there.

Pools of the Living Dead

Definitely "in business" as of at least 2011.

"Lee Atwater" repeatedly promoted on a.o (but not lately)

Derby DPool

Old Blue Eyes Memorial Celebrity Death Watch aka FlyMeToTheTomb (site has gotten too graphical but links still work with Lynx)

Mathu Party Page Summerfest DPool(ended 2012?)

Caskets On Parade around on and off for over twenty years...ended 2012?
The Alt.Obituaries Dead Pool Hosted by the above,established on newsgroup 2005;this list's maintainer won the inaugural after being unfairly ejected from the Death Game; now see also here.

The Newly Dead Game (YBTL successor commencing 2010)

Cash For Cadavers(vol #4)

Rotten Dead Pool(join any time?...revived from limbo!)

Kevin's Celebrity Dead Pool(vol #8a)(last active 2011?)


Will be reclassified to one of the next two categories soon

The Death Game (great-grandfather of all,born from the 1970 bet as to whether George Burns or Jack Benny would die first)
Curator Pontius,who expelled the maintainer of this page from the game, died in 2013 and the site appears to have poofed.

Now That's Odd DPool(vol #5) Site gone blank late 2004?

Wayland DPool(latest site...still Lynx-unfriendly)

Thanatos DPool(quarterly,enter any time)"Forbidden" 2007?

Goofball Deadpool

Death League(Workable with Lynx,but "frameless site" isn't there)

Dormant Deadpools

Apparently or definitely inactive,though the pages are there.


Fitzgerald Family DPool(a private family thing,invited public entries for 1999 but got none)

Axiom DPool(oddsmakers?) (dormant)

Alehouse DPool(with other links) (1998 version apparently not linked from main page)

Dalton's North American DPool(pool portion missing?)

Dead Celebrities(old site)

Verde DPool

Deathscore(2nd volunteer.Link MAY NOT WORK with older versions of Lynx.)

Tim McMahan's DPool

Dead Club(old site)

Italian(link iffy?)

Dewey's DPool (Pool itself has disappeared...just an "Untitled Document")

Troy McClure Memorial DPool

Cash For Corpses (formerly Better Off Dead Pool) is the old-site-archive for Dead Pool 2000 and its 2001 site latter links are iffy...last now a FOOTBALL pool?

DeathRace 2000

Ron Frey's AOL death pool(vol #3)

County Morgue (dormant?)

Chalk Outlines(new site...might return 2004)

DeadGamezthey own and domain names...but don't seem to be using them for dead pools any more.

Old Blue Eyes Memorial Celebrity Death Watch(old URL now just a redirect)

Old Blue Eyes Memorial Celebrity Death Watch(later URL now just a site-shutdown note)
Dead Celebrities (new site...seems to have stopped updating mid 2002)

Really Dead Dead Pool (Not a Truly Dead pool,like the deadline in 1999, but Valentine's Day for 2000)

Death Sucks Celebrity DPool (link iffy...seems not to be a dead pool site any more)

Jim Geary's DPool(1st volunteer to be listed here)Dormant

Pope & Nurseboy's DPool(Not designed for Lynx)

Game of Death (new site...last played 2004)

Exeunt Omnes(stopped mid 2004?)

Halloween DPool (Their spellchecker must be dead...seems to have stopped 2004)

Coffin Dodgers(Vol #6..."forbidden" 2009?)

Die2K Desert Classic (seems to have stopped 2007)

Angry Romanian DPool (Vol #7a) Runs March '08-Feb '09

Special attraction...the truly DEAD pools

There used to be dead pools at these URLs,but they're gone...

Dead Club

Canadian (they have a February 31 in Canada,it seems).

Wayland DPool (old site)

Wayland DPool 1998 (Notably Lynx-UNfriendly site...phooey on frames!)(link iffy)

Ray's Ohio DPool? (link iffy)

Rob Keane DPool (The scoring got way out of date...Cooke,Brennan,Stewart,Mother Teresa,Meredith have all not been tallied...he updated last in March 1997! 25-person lists,scored based on age)

Goff's Celebrity DPool

McLeod DPool (semi-annual)

Miller Invitational DPool(old site)

Miller Invitational DPool(later site;took but did not post 1999 entries)

Robland DPool

Squirrel Club DPool

Game of Death(old site)

Crouch DPool

Dead Pages

Date With Charon(gone though the maintainer still has a page)

Cbooch DPool

David Farrell Invitational DPool

Not Your Mother's DPool (former site)

Loonatarium DPool(dormant?)

Boring DPool(Entry form,rules iffy?)

Bryan Rasmussen's DPool(June-June,contestants assign point values)
(either dead,or the site admins forced it private

Beerguy's(pool missing)

House of the Rising Sun Celebrity Death Pool

Trendy Little DPool (there WAS a Trendy Little Dead Pool here,but now no mention)

UWSP Rugby Deadpool(uses Date With Charon rules,seems stale)

Swat(lists of FIVE)

Leykis DPool(radio host in competition with consensus of listeners)

Celebrity Crypt

Topical Tim's DPool (link iffy)

Upper Mississippi Rotisserie (dormant...1997 listings remained for a while)

JP's Yankee Clipper Ghoul Pool

German DPool (with links...pool portion discontinued,it seems)

Zen Anarchy DPool (2 entries in 1998;five in 1999)

Columbus Death League(dormant,last updated late 1998)

Celebrity Stiffs (dormant?)

Grateful Ghoul's winner of this pool is absurdly promised title of "undisputed dead pool champion of the world" least entry is free

Chalk Outlines(old site)

Macquarrie DPool

Tom's Death Pool

Gould's DPool(dormant)

Well DPool

Grave Expectations(domain iffy?)

Dying For Dollars(established [1990],but the operator thinks being funny is a good reason to lie in an obit) Pool now dormant and link iffy.

Stretch & Wilk's(besides a dead pool,they were selling a book on them...but the publisher folded and the pool was cancelled...finally the page was too!)

Cult of Father Darwin DPool(outgrowth of a mailing list)

Daisy Pusher's DPool BigDuke6's (you pick a DAY for someone to die)

BLZ Bob's DPool(dormant)

Not Your Mother's DPool

Geoff's Dead Pool

Philadelphia DPool Page is not Lynx-friendly...and pool is dormant!

MCA Ghoul Pool

Ray's Ghoul Pool

Tregoire Dpool(dormant)

Planet Mercury DPool

Dead Right Ghoul Pool(a lot like the Death Game)

David Sugarman's DPool (not held since 1996...has archives of previous years)

Kelly DPool (dormant...1998 listings)

The Ghoul Pool

The Alt.Obituaries Dead Pool (original site)


Virtual Campfire Invitational(1999 only?)

Celebrity DPool (one showbiz,one not)
bets on the *next individual* to die

Officially monthly,seemed to have died July 1998,revived briefly March 1999

You Bet Their Life started 2001
YBTL Annex created after the site maintainer of You Bet Their Life skipped out
Stiffpool The real 7th volunteer, missed when it volunteered in 2005,apparently its last year (began 2002) Yarm DPool