History of the Eastern Sectional Championships

1997 was the 60th Eastern Sectional Figure Skating Championships (and 1998 the 60th anniversary).Here is a list of the historical sites of the championship.

Here is a list of the senior champions in Men's,Ladies',Pairs,and Dance events.

We also have lists,compiled by Benjamin T. Wright,of the champions in discontinued events and champions in divisions below Senior.


Fours 1947-48
Waltz 1938-40
Fourteenstep 1938-40


Men 1938-96
Ladies 1938-96
Pairs 1939-96
The Silver Dances were first called Senior,but then became Junior... we combine all 1941-96 Silver/Junior Dance champions here.
Waltz 1941-2
Fourteenstep 1941-2


Men 1939-96
Ladies 1939-96
Pairs 1968-96
The Bronze Dances were first called Junior,but then became Novice... we combine all 1943-96 Bronze/Novice Dance champions here.
Open Novice Dance (1996 only)


Men 1967-96
Ladies 1967-96
Pairs 1990-96
Dance 1986-96
Open Intermediate Dance 1996


Boys 1942-66
Girls 1938-66
(effectively replaced by Intermediate)


Adult Junior events
Adult Senior Men Free Skating 1991-96
Adult Senior Ladies Free Skating 1991-6
The oldest event in the Adult division began as Veterans' Dance, became Adult Dance,then Adult Senior Dance...we combine the 1950-96 champions here.
(note that the 1997 Adult freeskating champions will be in Adult Gold and Adult Masters)

The Frank J. Goodwin Memorial Trophy

This trophy was awarded to the most successful clubs 1960-75.